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NATS Account Configuration

NATS account configurations are built using the nsc tool. The NSC tool allows you to:

  • Create and edit Operators, Accounts, Users
  • Manage subscribe and publish permissions for Users
  • Add and delete Exports and Imports
  • Generate Activation tokens
  • Generate User credential files
  • Describe Operators, Accounts, Users, and Activations
  • Push account JWTs to a server or pull account JWTs from a server


Installing nsc is easy:

curl -L | python

The script will download the latest version of nsc and install it into your system.


You can find various task-oriented tutorials to working with the tool here:

Tool Documentation

For more specific browsing of the tool syntax, check out the nsc tool documentation. It can be found within the tool itself:

> nsc help

Or an online version here.

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