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The NATS server provides various ways of authenticating clients:

Authentication deals with allowing a NATS client to connect to the server. Except for JWT authentication, authentication and authorization are configured in the authorization section of the configuration.

Authorization Map

The authorization block provides authentication configuration as well as authorization:

Property Description
token Specifies a global token that can be used to authenticate to the server (exclusive of user and password)
user Specifies a single global user name for clients to the server (exclusive of token)
password Specifies a single global password for clients to the server (exclusive of token)
users A list of user configuration maps
timeout Maximum number of seconds to wait for client authentication

For multiple username and password credentials, specify a users list.

User Configuration Map

A user configuration map specifies credentials and permissions options for a single user:

Property Description
user username for client authentication
password password for the user entry
nkey public nkey identifying an user
permissions permissions map configuring subjects accessible to the user

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