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Username and Password

You can authenticate one or more clients using username and passwords; this enables you to have greater control over the management and issuance of credential secrets.

For a single user:

authorization: {
    user: a,
    password: b

You can also specify a single username/password by:

> nats-server --user a --pass b

For multiple users:

authorization: {
    users: [
        {user: a, password: b},
        {user: b, password: a}

Bcrypted Passwords

Username/password also supports bcrypted passwords using the mkpasswd tool. Simply replace the clear text password with the bcrypted entries:

> mkpasswd
ass: (Uffs#rG42PAu#Oxi^BNng
bcrypt hash: $2a$11$V1qrpBt8/SLfEBr4NJq4T.2mg8chx8.MTblUiTBOLV3MKDeAy.f7u

And on the configuration file:

authorization: {
    users: [
        {user: a, password: "$2a$11$V1qrpBt8/SLfEBr4NJq4T.2mg8chx8.MTblUiTBOLV3MKDeAy.f7u"},

Reloading a Configuration

As you add/remove passwords from the server configuration file, you'll want your changes to take effect. To reload without restarting the server and disconnecting clients, do:

> nats-server --signal reload

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