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Cluster Configuration

The cluster configuration map has the following configuration options:

Property Description
listen host/port for inbound route connections
authorization authorization map for configuring cluster clients. Supports token, username/password and TLS authentication. permissions are ignored.
timeout Maximum amount of time (in seconds) to wait for a clustering connection to complete
tls A tls configuration map for securing the clustering connection
routes A list of other servers (URLs) to cluster with. Self-routes are ignored.
cluster {
  listen: localhost:4244 # host/port for inbound route connections

  # Authorization for route connections
  authorization {
    user: route_user
    # ./util/mkpasswd -p T0pS3cr3tT00!
        password: $2a$11$xH8dkGrty1cBNtZjhPeWJewu/YPbSU.rXJWmS6SFilOBXzmZoMk9m
    timeout: 0.5

  # Routes are actively solicited and connected to from this server.
  # Other servers can connect to us if they supply the correct credentials
  # in their routes definitions from above.
  routes = [

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