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Synchronous Subscriptions

Synchronous subscriptions require the application to wait for messages. This type of subscription is easy to set-up and use, but requires the application to deal with looping if multiple messages are expected. For situations where a single message is expected, synchronous subscriptions are sometimes easier to manage, depending on the language.

For example, to subscribe to the subject updates and receive a single message you could do:

nc, err := nats.Connect("")
if err != nil {
defer nc.Close()

// Subscribe
sub, err := nc.SubscribeSync("updates")
if err != nil {

// Wait for a message
msg, err := sub.NextMsg(10 * time.Second)
if err != nil {

// Use the response
log.Printf("Reply: %s", msg.Data)

Connection nc = Nats.connect("nats://");

// Subscribe
Subscription sub = nc.subscribe("updates");

// Read a message
Message msg = sub.nextMessage(Duration.ZERO);

String str = new String(msg.getData(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8);

// Close the connection
// node-nats subscriptions are always async.
# Asyncio NATS client currently does not have a sync subscribe API
# The Ruby NATS client subscriptions are all async.
// ts-nats subscriptions are always async.

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