leafnodes Configuration Block

Property Description
advertise Hostport <host>:<port> to advertise to other servers.
authorization Authorization block (same as other nats-server authorization configuration).
host Interface where the server will listen for incoming leafnode connections.
listen Combines host and port as <host>:<port>
no_advertise if true the leafnode shouldn't be advertised.
port Port where the server will listen for incoming leafnode connections.
remotes List of remote entries specifying servers where leafnode client connection can be made.
tls TLS configuration block (same as other nats-server tls configuration).

LeafNode remotes Entry Block

Property Description
url Leafnode URL (URL protocol should be nats-leaf).
urls Leafnode URL array. Supports multiple URLs for discovery, e.g., urls: [ "nats-leaf://host1:7422", "nats-leaf://host2:7422" ]
account Account public key identifying the leafnode. Account must be defined locally.
credentials Credential file for connecting to the leafnode server.
tls A TLS configuration block. Leafnode client will use specified TLS certificates when connecting/authenticating.

tls Configuration Block

Property Description
cert_file TLS certificate file.
key_file TLS certificate key file.
ca_file TLS certificate authority file.
insecure Skip certificate verification.
verify If true, require and verify client certificates.
verify_and_map If true, require and verify client certificates and use values map certificate values for authentication purposes.
cipher_suites When set, only the specified TLS cipher suites will be allowed. Values must match golang version used to build the server.
curve_preferences List of TLS cypher curves to use in order.
timeout TLS handshake timeout in fractional seconds.

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