Type alias NamedEndpointStats

NamedEndpointStats: {
    average_processing_time: Nanos;
    data?: unknown;
    last_error?: string;
    name: string;
    num_errors: number;
    num_requests: number;
    processing_time: Nanos;
    queue_group?: string;
    subject: string;

Type declaration

  • average_processing_time: Nanos

    Average processing_time is the total processing_time divided by the num_requests

  • Optional data?: unknown

    A field that can be customized with any data as returned by stats handler see ServiceConfig

  • Optional last_error?: string

    If set, the last error triggered by the endpoint

  • name: string

    The name of the endpoint

  • num_errors: number

    Number of errors that the endpoint has raised

  • num_requests: number

    The number of requests received by the endpoint

  • processing_time: Nanos

    Total processing_time for the service

  • Optional queue_group?: string

    The queue group the endpoint is listening on

  • subject: string

    The subject the endpoint is listening on

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