Type alias ServiceConfig

ServiceConfig: {
    description?: string;
    metadata?: Record<string, string>;
    name: string;
    queue?: string;
    statsHandler?: ((endpoint: Endpoint) => Promise<unknown | null>);
    version: string;

Type declaration

  • Optional description?: string

    Description for the service

  • Optional metadata?: Record<string, string>

    Optional metadata about the service

  • name: string

    A type for a service

  • Optional queue?: string

    Optional queue group to run the service in. By default, then queue name is "q". Note that this configuration will be the default for all endpoints and groups.

  • Optional statsHandler?: ((endpoint: Endpoint) => Promise<unknown | null>)
      • (endpoint: Endpoint): Promise<unknown | null>
      • A customized handler for the stats of an endpoint. The data returned by the endpoint will be serialized as is


        Returns Promise<unknown | null>

  • version: string

    A version identifier for the service

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