Interface RoKV



  • Deprecated

    • this api is removed.

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Returns the KvEntry stored under the key if it exists or null if not. Note that the entry returned could be marked with a "DEL" or "PURGE" operation which signifies the server stored the value, but it is now deleted.


    • k: string
    • Optional opts: {
          revision: number;
      • revision: number

    Returns Promise<KvEntry>

  • Returns an iterator of the specified key's history (or all keys).


    • Optional opts: {
          key?: string;
      • Optional key?: string

    Returns Promise<QueuedIterator<KvEntry>>

  • Returns an iterator of all the keys optionally matching the specified filter.


    • Optional filter: string

    Returns Promise<QueuedIterator<string>>

  • Returns information about the Kv

    Returns Promise<KvStatus>

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