Type alias KvWatchOptions

KvWatchOptions: {
    headers_only?: boolean;
    ignoreDeletes?: boolean;
    include?: KvWatchInclude;
    initializedFn?: (() => void);
    key?: string;
    resumeFromRevision?: number;

Type declaration

  • Optional headers_only?: boolean

    Notification should only include entry headers

  • Optional ignoreDeletes?: boolean

    Skips notifying deletes. @default: false

  • Optional include?: KvWatchInclude

    Specify what to include in the watcher, by default all last values.

  • Optional initializedFn?: (() => void)
      • (): void
      • A callback that notifies when the watch has yielded all the initial values. Subsequent notifications are updates since the initial watch was established.

        Returns void

  • Optional key?: string

    A key or wildcarded key following keys as if they were NATS subject names.

  • Optional resumeFromRevision?: number

    Starts watching at the specified revision. This is intended for watchers that have restarted watching and have maintained some state of where they are in the watch.

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