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Welcome to NATS.Net

NATS.Net is an open source NATS client library for modern .NET. NATS.Net fully supports async programming, recent APIs like Span, IAsyncEnumerable, Channels and takes advantage of .NET's performance improvements while providing a pleasant developer experience.

NATS is a lightweight and high-performance messaging system designed for asynchronous communication among different software components, with modern clustering, security and persistence streaming support out of the box, in a single compact binary with no dependencies, available for any modern platform, enabling vast variety of deployment options from edge, IoT, Kubernetes to bare-metal.

NATS.Net brings the power of NATS to the .NET platform, enabling developers to build distributed, cloud native, modern applications using the tools and languages they already know and love.

What's Next

Documentation can help you start writing code in no time. Just follow our quick start guides.

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