Type alias ObjectStoreStatus

ObjectStoreStatus: {
    backingStore: string;
    bucket: string;
    compression: boolean;
    description: string;
    metadata?: Record<string, string>;
    replicas: number;
    sealed: boolean;
    size: number;
    storage: StorageType;
    streamInfo: StreamInfo;
    ttl: Nanos;

Type declaration

  • backingStore: string

    The underlying storage for the object store. Currently, this always returns "JetStream".

  • bucket: string

    The bucket name

  • compression: boolean

    Compression level of the stream. This feature is only supported in servers 2.10.x and better.

  • description: string

    the description associated with the object store.

  • Optional metadata?: Record<string, string>

    Metadata the object store. Note that keys starting with _nats are reserved. This feature only supported on servers 2.10.x and better.

  • replicas: number

    The number of replicas associated with this object store.

  • sealed: boolean

    Set to true if the object store is sealed and will reject edits.

  • size: number

    The size in bytes that the object store occupies.

  • storage: StorageType

    The object store's underlying stream storage type.

  • streamInfo: StreamInfo

    The StreamInfo backing up the ObjectStore

  • ttl: Nanos

    The time to live for entries in the object store in nanoseconds. Convert to millis using the millis() function.

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