Interface TypedSubscriptionOptions<T>

Subscription Options

Type Parameters

  • T


  • SubOpts<T>
    • TypedSubscriptionOptions


adapter: MsgAdapter<T>
callback?: TypedCallback<T>
cleanupFn?: ((sub: Subscription, info?: unknown) => void)

Type declaration

dispatchedFn?: DispatchedFn<T>
ingestionFilterFn?: IngestionFilterFn<T>
max?: number

Optional maximum number of messages to deliver to the subscription before it is auto-unsubscribed.

protocolFilterFn?: ProtocolFilterFn<T>
queue?: string

Optional queue name (subscriptions on the same subject that use queues are horizontally load balanced when part of the same queue).

timeout?: number

Optional maximum number of milliseconds before a timer raises an error. This useful to monitor a subscription that is expected to yield messages. The timer is cancelled when the first message is received by the subscription.

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