Interface StreamConfig

Stream options that can be updated



allow_direct: boolean

Allow higher performance, direct access to get individual messages via the $JS.DS.GET API

allow_rollup_hdrs: boolean

Allows the use of the RollupHdr header to replace all contents of a stream, or subject in a stream, with a single new message

compression?: StoreCompression

Sets the compression level of the stream. This feature is only supported in servers 2.10.x and better.

consumer_limits?: StreamConsumerLimits

The consumer limits applied to consumers that don't specify limits for inactive_threshold or max_ack_pending. Note that these limits become an upper bound for all clients.

deny_delete: boolean

Restricts the ability to delete messages from a stream via the API. Cannot be changed once set to true

deny_purge: boolean

Restricts the ability to purge messages from a stream via the API. Cannot be change once set to true

description?: string

A short description of the purpose of this stream

discard: DiscardPolicy

When a Stream reach its limits either old messages are deleted or new ones are denied

discard_new_per_subject: boolean

Sets the context of the on a per subject basis. Requires New as the discard policy.

duplicate_window: number

The time window to track duplicate messages for, expressed in nanoseconds. 0 for default Set msgID to enable duplicate detection.

first_seq: number

Sets the first sequence number used by the stream. This property can only be specified when creating the stream, and likely is not valid on mirrors etc., as it may disrupt the synchronization logic.

max_age: number

Maximum age of any message in the stream, expressed in nanoseconds. 0 for unlimited.

max_bytes: number

How big the Stream may be, when the combined stream size exceeds this old messages are removed. -1 for unlimited.

max_consumers: number

How many Consumers can be defined for a given Stream. -1 for unlimited.

max_msg_size: number

The largest message that will be accepted by the Stream. -1 for unlimited.

max_msgs: number

How many messages may be in a Stream, oldest messages will be removed if the Stream exceeds this size. -1 for unlimited.

max_msgs_per_subject: number

For wildcard streams ensure that for every unique subject this many messages are kept - a per subject retention limit

metadata?: Record<string, string>

Metadata field to store additional information about the stream. Note that keys starting with _nats are reserved. This feature only supported on servers 2.10.x and better.

mirror?: StreamSource

Maintains a 1:1 mirror of another stream with name matching this property. When a mirror is configured subjects and sources must be empty.

mirror_direct: boolean

Allow higher performance, direct access to get individual messages via the $JS.DS.GET API

name: string

A unique name for the Stream

no_ack?: boolean

Disables acknowledging messages that are received by the Stream.

num_replicas: number

How many replicas to keep for each message. Min 1, Max 5. Default 1.

placement?: Placement

Placement directives to consider when placing replicas of this stream, random placement when unset

republish?: Republish

Rules for republishing messages from a stream with subject mapping onto new subjects for partitioning and more

retention: RetentionPolicy

How messages are retained in the Stream, once this is exceeded old messages are removed.

sealed: boolean

Sealed streams do not allow messages to be deleted via limits or API, sealed streams can not be unsealed via configuration update. Can only be set on already created streams via the Update API

sources?: StreamSource[]

List of Stream names to replicate into this Stream

storage: StorageType

The storage backend to use for the Stream.

subject_transform?: SubjectTransformConfig

Apply a subject transform to incoming messages before doing anything else. This feature only supported on 2.10.x and better.

subjects: string[]

A list of subjects to consume, supports wildcards. Must be empty when a mirror is configured. May be empty when sources are configured.

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