Interface ServerInfo

ServerInfo represents information from the connected server


  • ServerInfo


auth_required?: boolean

True if the server requires authentication

client_id: number

Server-assigned client_id

client_ip?: string

The client's IP as seen by the server

cluster?: string

The name or ID of the cluster

connect_urls?: string[]

Other servers available on the connected cluster

git_commit?: string

Git commit information on the built server binary

go: string

Version information on the Go stack used to build the server binary

headers?: boolean

True if the server supports headers

host: string

Hostname of the connected server

jetstream?: boolean

True if the server supports JetStream

ldm?: boolean

True if the server is in Lame Duck Mode

max_payload: number

Max number of bytes in message that can be sent to the server

nonce?: string

If the server required nkey or JWT authentication the nonce used during authentication.

port: number

The port where the server is listening

proto: number

Version number of the NATS protocol

server_id: string

The ID of the server

server_name: string

The name of the server

tls_available?: boolean

True if TLS is available

tls_required?: boolean

True if TLS connections are required

tls_verify?: boolean

True if TLS client certificate verification is required

version: string

The nats-server version

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