Enumeration ConsumerDebugEvents

These events represent informational notifications emitted by ConsumerMessages that can be safely ignored by clients.

Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

DebugEvent: "debug"

DebugEvents are effectively statuses returned by the server that were ignored by the client. The data portion of the status is just a string indicating the code/message of the status.

Discard: "discard"

Requests for messages can be terminated by the server, these notifications provide information on the number of messages and/or bytes that couldn't be satisfied by the consumer request. The data portion of the status will have the format of {msgsLeft: number, bytesLeft: number}.

Next: "next"

Notifies whenever there's a request for additional messages from the server. This notification telegraphs the request options, which should be treated as read-only. This notification is only useful for debugging. Data is PullOptions.

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