nsc add mapping

Add (or modify) a mapping entry


Add (or modify) a mapping entry

nsc add mapping [flags]


nsc add mapping --from "a" --to "b"
# to modify an entry, say to set a weight after the fact
nsc add mapping --from "a" --to "b" --weight 50
# to add two entries from one subject, set weights and execute multiple times
nsc add mapping --from "a" --to "c" --weight 50


  -a, --account string   account name
      --cluster string   in which cluster this mapping should apply
  -f, --from string      map from subject (required)
  -h, --help             help for mapping
  -t, --to string        to subject (required)
      --weight uint8     weight [1-100] of this mapping entry (default: 100)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config-dir string     nsc config directory
      --data-dir string       nsc data store directory
  -i, --interactive           ask questions for various settings
      --keystore-dir string   nsc keystore directory
  -K, --private-key string    Key used to sign. Can be specified as role (where applicable),
                              public key (private portion is retrieved)
                              or file path to a private key or private key 


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